Wednesday, May 20, 2009

22 Memories of Being 22- (#22)

There are 22 days left of my 22nd year on this Earth. I figured I'd do something exciting, since 22 is my favorite number and I'm extremely sad to have seen this year go. :( BOO!

I'm going to blog my Top 22 memories of this year (in pictures...and not *really* in any particular order).

#22: My 22nd Birthday

I say this every year, but seriously, my 22nd birthday was my favorite. Rosa and Natalie decorated my office in all pink (I still find pink heart confetti in some of my drawers), we had a fun time at Yard House, and went to the Improv. Such a fun day!

(Seriously, how cute is this office?! I wish it always looked like this!)

(I *might* have made everyone wear pink, or it could be a coincidence. ;) I can't remember.)