Monday, May 25, 2009

22 Memories of Being 22- (#17)

#18: Driving Scotty to Work

Ok, I'm not going to lie--this wasn't one of my *favorite* memories, but it did have a big impact on my 22nd year (and on the tires of my car). For 7 weeks (so 13% of my year), Scott and I were basically BFF since we had to see each other first thing in the morning, intermittently all day at work, at lunch, and until about 9 pm. You'd think he would've been dead by now but I practiced self-control. ;) But in reality, we had some good times and we are even better friends now. I was kinda sad when he started driving again because I was so used to having someone to talk to while sitting in traffic! Bonus: now whenever I want/need anything, he owes me his life so it was totally worth it and will greatly impact my 23rd year (and 24th, 25th, and so on).

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