Saturday, May 30, 2009

22 Memories of Being 22- (#12)

#12: Mexico Trip 

In December, I had the opportunity to go to Mexico with my church. We went with a group called Spectrum Ministries (who are there every weekend) and we basically went into a little area, set up tents and a bathing system with stations, organized clothes, etc. The girls were in one tent and the boys were in another. Two girls in our group and I were in the hairstyling section. We'd give the girls a braid or a ponytail, along with the hair "doo-dad" of their choice. 

Going on mission trips never ceases to amaze me because I always go thinking that I am going to BE blessing them, but in reality, I am infinitely more blessed BY them. The girls were so appreciative and joyful about what we were doing. It was so humbling to see how little they have and how easy it was to make them happy, when we are blessed with abundantly more than them and are constantly whining. It really showed me that true joy does come from something greater than the crap we surround ourselves with. I say "crap" because that's all it is. It's just junk that fills our rooms--stuff for next year's garage sale. The state of our hearts is so much more important than what the world places value on. I'm definitely excited to go back to Mexico; it's a lesson that can't be learned enough.

My sister and Sara setting up the girls' tent. 

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