Friday, January 16, 2009

The Flesh is Weak

Lately I've been overcome with the feeling of inadequacy and the realization that I'm a horrible sinner. Is this the first time I've realized this? No, absolutely not. However, it is the first time that I've used this realization to drop to my knees and praise God. Understanding my faults and acknowledging my battles can be one of the greatest ways to give God the glory and express my gratitude that I am not suffering the wrath that I so very much deserve.

Realizing that we are sinners and that we are nothing without the grace of God is part of being diligent Christ-followers. Last night in our small groups, we were discussing the love that Christ has for us and how unfathomable it is at times. The strongest love that we can possibly have here on Earth (whether for a child, spouse, parent, etc) is NOTHING in comparison to the love that Christ has for us. Nothing! I can hardly wrap my mind around it. I can't imagine still loving someone so much after they have deliberately and knowingly wronged me over and over. It's like if one of your closest family members or your best friend just keeps punching you in the face over and over again. They know it's wrong, but after they do it, they feel guilty and apologize. After the third or fourth punch (maybe less, maybe more, depending on how patient you are) you'd be thinking, "If you were REALLY sorry, you'd stop punching me!" Right?! I know I would. The truth is that we figuratively "punch" God in the face over and over with our constant disobedience, but He loves us anyway. Our sins, every last one, were washed away by the nails that struck through our Creator's hands.

"Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." -Matthew 26:41 (ESV)

Am I sad that I'm a sinner and that my flesh is weak and that I'm easily tempted? Yes. But in realizing that, the Cross and the payment of my sins becomes more real and becomes more of an every day thankfulness; an utter and complete gratitude for the best gift I could ever receive.


  1. thank you for making me take a closer look at myself, I want to be like our Lord, I cry out for His forgiveness everyday! have a blessed evening. btw....I am participating in several scripture challenges over at SCS, I am keeping a journal while doing these this year. I want to be able to do something I luv and share Gods word in the process. It is also gives me time to read and meditate on Gods word. I have the challenges on the second and third posts on my blog, if you have time check them out and play along. You can use up some of those embellies in the process....hehehe. hugs *~*

  2. Rach, I am grateful to have found your additional blog and I look forward to reading it often and using it as a tool during my own spiritual journey. Thank you for the continuous support.


    PS. If you could send me the link you referred to I would appreciate it. Thank yoU!

  3. I have fallen into sin many many times in my 65 years and have felt guilt for my sins long after I have been forgiven by our Precious Lord. He doesn't want us to dwell on past sins, but wants us to strive to do better each day. Though all fall short, His love in unconditional and He never lets us down.

    Yes, humans let us down but we must turn the cheek over and over and forgive as we have been forgiven. God doesn't like the things we do, but He loves us and has saved us by His Grace.

    Thank you for this lovely blog, Rachel